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Investing in the global commodity markets has never been so easy and fun.
Register a personal account on the platform of the Financial Group "Samsara" and choose the most suitable way for you to make a profit for every cent you invest!
Invest in classic financial instruments or independently make transactions on international commodity exchanges and increase your income day by day.
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Get regular profit from using the trading instruments of the Financial Group "Samsara". We have provided all the details for your convenience when working in your personal account.

Benefits of the Operating Room
Sansara Platforms®

Risk-free investment strategy

Test different trading strategies, purchase any available raw materials from oil to metals.

Trade in manual mode using the smart tips of the Neural Networks of the Sansara ® operating platform, or use the Auto Trading tool and always stay in the black regardless of the current market situation.

The Sansara® operating platform is available to everyone
  • Initial deposit from 100USD

  • Leverage on the Trade Balance from the Company up to 50% of the deposit amount

  • Minimum trade size from 10USD


No complicated stock terms or widgets - you only have the essentials at your fingertips!

Freedom of choice
No restrictions - do only what your mind, intuition and heart tell you, and we will become your reliable guide to the limitless world of investments!
For investors
Financial group "Samsara" offers equally favorable conditions for both classic investors and those who are interested in self-development, growth and additional source of income.
For Partners
For Partners willing to develop within the Company and distribute financial products, we offer a competitive marketing plan with an attractive system of incentives, bonuses and referral rewards.
For Command
If you are close to the principles of MLM, and the concept of "Team" is not an empty phrase for you - fill out the resume questionnaire, and our Development Department will contact you as soon as possible.
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Financial instruments and guarantees
The main Investment Product of the Financial Group "Samsara" is Interest note

This is a classic mid-income investment product. Obligations for the funds raised to the Company are guaranteed by a Security issued by the European Investment Fund FRIO Capital ™, registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Financial group "Samsara" on the basis of an exclusive partnership agreement sells Securities.

Additional financial instrument
Exchange Arbitrage

This is a type of trading that involves minimal risks. The main purpose of arbitrage is to capitalize on the difference between the price of an asset in different markets or different exchanges.

If desired, our Clients can significantly increase the share of their profits by using the additional financial instrument of the platform, independently making transactions for the purchase and sale of assets on world commodity exchanges.

Liabilities on the funds of investors attracted to the turnover of the Parent Company FRIO Petroleum are secured by Interest-bearing bill of the FRIO Capital Investment Fund - a subsidiary of FRIO Petroleum, and the commercial and public liability of the Fund is insured by the International Swiss Insurance Company Helvetia Insurance , which specializes in insuring the activities of investment and venture funds.
Why us?
Today, there are a huge number of investment platforms and trading platforms on the market, and they all offer one way or another a similar product or a set of services, but we went further and combined several possibilities at once:
Passive Income on Interest Bills for Conservative Investors
Exchange arbitrage - for those who are gambling and confident
Explosive growth and stable cash flow for natural born leaders, active and strong in spirit.
And also:
Intuitive interface
Modern and easy-to-use Personal account in a minimalist design, inside there is nothing superfluous - just business!
Convenient output
Fast withdrawal of funds and a wide range of payment systems
24/7 support
A team of professionals speaking your native language is always in touch!
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